Christmas Wishlist

16 Dec 2015

I've definitely left this post a little bit late considering how close Christmas is now. I'm still yet to feel festive; I've just handed in all my uni work from the last couple of months which is a massive weight lifted. Uni has utterly consumed me and I haven't even had time to think about Christmas never mind get into the mood for it! I haven't really thought about anything I want either this year - I've left my mum pretty much blind however I just had a couple of ideas so wrote this post. It took me a long while to actually think of things but here we go!

} I felt like I had to include a couple of items from Sighh Designs. I'm OB.SESSED. with that shop. I love it's aesthetic and I follow the owner, Polly, on Twitter and Snapchat and she seems super lovely. When I started uni I bought a couple of A4 notebooks, as throughout school and college that's just what we had to work on; however with uni it's just not really happening. When I'm carrying inks, paints, sketchbooks and pens to uni everyday along with my laptop, charger, phone, purse etc, they're just far too big and bulky so I'm on the look out for some cute, smaller notebooks. I LOVE these, especially the 'okay, let's blog some shit' notebook. The macbook skin is also from Sighh - I'd definitely recommend it.

} My friend Dani sent me the link to the semi-pissed feminist t-shirt the other day, and I don't think there is a lot else that describes me better. I think it's super pretty too, I'm really loving the hand-drawn vibe that's pretty popular at the moment. Keeping on the femme lines, I also really like the Girl Boss mug. I don't really drink hot drinks but I'm sure I could find a place for it to sit pretty on my desk.

} As for the books, I've suddenly become a bit obsessed. Of course, I don't really have time to sit and get lost in a proper novel, but after buying the listography books and a couple of others, I really like the ones that you can write or draw in. They're really fun and look good on my shelf, he he. As a fashion student I feel like the Map My Style book would be pretty fun, and I've really gotten into calligraphy recently after buying some inks from Cass Art so I'd love this book for some guidance and inspiration. I think I'm the only person in the world who hasn't read IT yet, which is strange, as Alexa is one of my favourite people in the world and I even had the pleasure of meeting her last month. SUCH a babe.

} I've been wanting a proper curling wand for a while. I adore my curl secret, and as fast and as easy it makes curling my hair, I just want something I can have more control over especially when it comes to curling the front of my hair around my face. 

} Being really pale, I've never been able to properly contour however Anastasia have a kit made especially for pale people. YAY. I'd hope it's light enough for me, as even the lightest foundations usually don't match my neck so finding a highlight colour has been impossible. Contouring is something that I'm still yet to master but I'm determined to keep working on it!

Have a happy christmas!


Hello, it's me...

1 Dec 2015

I certainly think I owe a little explanation of why I've been SO quiet on the blogging front recently. You probably know that I've just moved to Liverpool to start my first year at uni so there's been a LOT of life going on. It's been a massive change moving from a little seaside town to a pretty big city and I'm still getting used to it. The workload at uni is absolutely huge, too, and I'm struggling to keep up with everything going on, hence leaving me little to no time to work on my blog which is a shame because I do love it when I actually get a chance to write! I've also started writing for The National Student; you can read my articles here

New Year's Resolutions aren't really my usual thing, but I'm setting myself one for 2016 and that's to really start trying to pick back up on my blog. I'll hopefully have settled into uni better by then, and this project that's currently CONSUMING me will finally be over. Blogging is something that really, really should help me along with my course - it's just finding the time, everything's pretty hectic at the moment just trying to get used to this new sort of life.

I'll be back soon with a new post, I PROMISE. 


My Favourite iPhone Apps

4 Nov 2015
I really like finding new apps to use and "What's on my iPhone" tags are some of my favourites to read and watch. I'm generally really nosey anyway so any sort of video or blog post with an extensive insight into someone's life is my favourite kind. I don't have a lot of memory on my phone and like to keep a lot of photos and music, therefore I only really have the basic apps. These apps won't be anything you haven't seen before but I thought I'd write about why they're my favourites.


As a music lover I feel like I shouldn't use Spotify; one of my favourite songwriters found out recently that his most streamed song has earned him just over a month's wages at his old retail job. At the same time, as a music lover, I fully support my favourite artists by buying their albums in physical copies, buying gig tickets, buying merchandise and so on, which makes me feel like my use of the app is justified. It is, for the listener, a really great app. I have Spotify premium, meaning I can get full use of the app without the adverts, and can skip and select songs at will without the limits that the basic version imposes. I love finding new music, and Spotify has a whole section to browse through with pre-made playlists for every single mood, event, party, genre - everything. I have my own playlists on the app too, and I like the ability to simply search for a song and play it whenever I get the urge to - something you obviously can't do with iTunes. I'm always listening to my playlists and then suddenly get an overwhelming desire to listen to the Camp Rock 2 soundtrack, so I pop the app on 'private mode', so nobody can see what I'm listening to, and I'll do exactly that. You can follow me on Spotify by clicking HERE.


Probably more for the uni students, this one. It was SO hard for me to find a part of the app where everything was pretty PG so I could photograph it. Yik Yak is basically an app where anyone in your surrounding area (your 'herd') can post a status or photo. So I'm in a central Liverpool herd currently, and can post yaks and view yaks from this area. Your herd changes as you move about, so you're basically just getting updates from the people around you! It's mostly dominated by uni students, especially here anyway, but it's really fun to take to festivals and events to see what everyone's saying. It's mostly just people trying to be witty; the majority of yaks in my herd are people absolutely ripping Hope University students and how apparently 'easy' it is to get a degree from there: e.g - "sleeping with someone abroad and getting a degree in international affairs from Hope" (my favourite so far). You can up-vote or down-vote yaks - the yaks with the most up-votes will be added to the 'hot' section, and yaks with 5 down-votes are taken off the app altogether. It's very funny, definitely a student dominated app, but has provided me with a lot of entertainment since coming to university.


Having a train tickets app as a 'favourite' might seem ridiculous, but it's definitely my most used app aside from social media. I travel by train a LOT, usually with Transpennine Express as they have a Liverpool-Scarborough direct train (home to home!) passing through Manchester, Leeds and York - so basically everywhere I ever really go is on one direct train. Having all my tickets collated in one app is really helpful, as I've always bought so many sets of tickets and trawling through emails for confirmation messages and pick-up codes is a lot of unnecessary effort when you can just have it all on one screen. PLUS, as a student with a 16-25 railcard, I can get extra discount on TP Express train tickets with the code 'TPESTUDENT' through the app.


Everybody knows I spend my whole life at gigs. I counted the other day that I've been to 66 so far in my life, which doesn't seem a lot, but most of these are from within the last two years and from me having to get at least an hour's train to every. single. one. Now I live in a city there's gigs going on ALL the time, and I use Bandsintown to keep me up to date when one of my favourite artists (or a suggested artist) announces a gig in the North West. I can also RSVP to events so that I'm sent updates and reminders about the gig, too, not that I'd ever forget about one! As well as listings of my favourite artists I can also view ALL the gigs going on in and around Liverpool at the moment. A definite must have app for obsessive gig-goers, like myself.


Who doesn't love BuzzFeed?! It's one of my absolute favourite websites. So many hours of my life have been spent on there that I'll never get back: reading lists, watching food videos, completing quizzes. As well as all the fun stuff though (really, REALLY fun stuff), it does also keep me updated with the news, but in a far more digestible way than your standard news websites. I find BuzzFeed to be very in touch with the world, and I'd say it's very slightly left winged. When it comes to issues like sexuality, feminism, gender, rights, mental health, and so on, BuzzFeed seems to have it spot on. They're always writing positive articles about these topics and take a sensitive approach, usually being careful as to not try to offend anyone which I really admire, and is a reason they're one of my favourites. They just KNOW. As well as all that, they have a hell of a lot of articles about cats.


If you have me on Snapchat, you'll know I use it a LOT. It's the perfect platform for me to think I'm absolutely hilarious when in reality everyone's probably skipping through my story like 'what a freak'. I'm not going to explain Snapchat, I think everybody knows how it works. But I'm just consumed by it; I love being able to send photos to everyone about absolutely anything in a place where it's acceptable to do so. I think if I added a picture to Twitter every so often of me attempting to boil an egg it'd be annoying. It's probably annoying on Snapchat too. But it's acceptable there. And I love that. Add me on Snapchat: lucygabriella.


I'm constantly switching between editing apps, I can never pick a favourite, but my currently most used one is VSCO Cam. I've used it before many times, gone through a phase with it and then completely dismissed it on favour of another but I'm currently obsessed with it mainly for the fact that it has a grid layout. Maintaining a 'theme' on Instagram is so hard, but because of the grid layout on VSCO Cam I can preview what my photos will look like next to each other before I post them. If they don't go together, I can edit them until they do so. Mastering an Instagram theme is still a massive work in progress but I think this app is definitely helping me along.

What I Wore: To Uni

21 Oct 2015

SO, me and some very stylish course mates of mine have created a new blog which you can find HERE. It's a style and inspiration blog dedicated to our Fashion Communication course, which will hopefully feature street style, personal style, trends, reviews, exhibitions, sketchbook work, current projects and more. It's definitely worth a follow. Me and the other three 'founders', as it were, recently uploaded our everyday go-to outfits. Of course, as fashion students, none of us actually have an outfit we like to consistently wear. But here's a simple, everyday outfit I wore to university last week...

The top I'm wearing is from New Look. I just picked it up on a whim one day and have found it to be a very consistently worn item. It's just a really simple tight, cropped, sleeveless top with a very slight high neck. It's ribbed and there are thin glittery threads woven in through the overall silver colour which adds some depth and interest to a basic grey vest.

This suede feel coat is so lovely and definitely my favourite recent purchase. I bought it when attending a student discount event at New Look so got it fair cheap, too. The faux fur lining ist snuggly and warm and I purposely bought it slightly oversized so I can still wear it over jumpers in the colder months.  The warm tan colour is my favourite; yet another coat to add to my ever expanding collection of beige themed coats. It's also the perfect length - the hemline sits almost exact to that of most of my skirts against my legs which absolutely THRILLS the perfectionist in me.

Jeans are an essential for any wardrobe, no matter who you are. A definite staple for an 'everyday' casual outfit, and perfect for university days - comfortable, flexible, practical. I'm an avid fan of Toyshop's Leigh jeans. I used to be a Joni girl, as were half the population, but Leigh has utterly stolen my heart. I believe I saw another blogger once say once you go Joni you never go back, but I thoroughly believe this about my pairs of Leighs. This deep blue coloured pair are my most commonly worn; my only other Leighs at current are burgundy, and unfortunately don't go with as much as these do - which is everything. And the best benefit of Leigh over Joni? They actually feel more denim than jegging.

My shoes are from New Look, too. I'm a big fan of their shoe section because they're very reasonably priced and tremendously good quality, especially for how cheap they are. These boots look scary at first with a big chunky heel, but I picked them up because of their 'improved comfort' label, and hell are they comfy. I prefer wearing these over most of my flats! It's like walking on a cloud, constantly. I also love the grey colour with a very, very subtle purple undertone to them. I wear these to death but they're showing no sign of dying any time soon. 

Other than this, to complete my every day outfits I use a tote bag to carry my books, notebooks and laptop to and from uni. I prefer the canvas tote over my usual satchel bag because it keeps everything upright at straight. Nothing worse than pulling some card out a bag to find it bent or marked, right? A basic, every day outfit has to be practical and it has to be comfortable, and here I think I've found the happiest combination of both whilst still feeling like I'm wearing nice clothes.